2 comments on “Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals

  1. Dear Grace,
    Thanks for that, I’m very interested in the symbolic mythology surrounding the snake or serpent. I’m fascinated by the role of Lilith-Shekinah in the Garden of Eden, particularly as the initiator of human consciousness, and the similar symbolism Hindu Kundalini, climbing up the chakras of the body to attain union with the divine. The myths of the aquatic subconscious in Leviathan, Jormundgandr, and Ouroboros is incredibly compelling as well. A tribe in the Amazon is known to have been taught the secrets of agriculture and cultivation by an herbal intoxicant, connected symbolically to the snake. I’m also familiar with the Typhonian current magick practiced by Grant’s sect of the OTO containing some of these ideas. The examples are seemingly endless.

    So, give me your best cosmic serpent myth cycles! Anything from your native country, your personal studying, or even unique occult experiences you’ve had is much appreciated, as well as any analysis you’ve devised about the symbols inherent in the human consciousness regarding the snake.

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