7 comments on “Illuminati Symbolism in Money

  1. Hi Grace,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, I know that it is a secret society and that it is fictional and non-fictional, but I want to know more. What sort of things were/are they responsible for? And what is the relation/symbolism to money? Please someone tell me all you know! I am reading Angels & Demons and I am sucked in (only on pg 8) and I want to learn as much about the illuminati as possible before I continue. Thanks so much!
    Great Job!

  2. I have a really weird coin that has the compass on it with the All Seeing Eye above it. Below the compass, there seems to be an anvil and a shovel crossing each other with a ruler passing between them horizontally. On either side of the compass there is a building, both different from each other; one is taller and the other is shorter with a wider base. Both buildings look as if they have pendulums- like a metronome. On the other side it’s almost completely blank except for the abbreviations: Bro., E.F., F.C., M.M., and then Lodge No.

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