6 comments on “Lady Gaga’s “Judas” and the Age of Horus

  1. You are so melodramatic.
    I like to think that Mother Monster made this video to freak out the annoyances in the world like you. It’s kinda like a big middle finger to you guys poking and priding at her art. I feel like giving you the finger too, after reading this lavishly lame artiicle.
    Good job pointing out the obvious, though. The countless amounts of bs included also helped me really believe you-NOT.

  2. Way to go Gaga! People are evolving beyond religion and all the scaredy-cats want to point the finger and talk about all the mystical crap their own book of contradictions tells them not to. If any pain and suffering occurs during this “transition” it will only be caused by the religious nutjobs.

  3. these are the days for the ultimate ‘seperation of the english from the dutch’. i think traditional religions based on the belief in historical messiahs is going to be ineffective in this age in which only the adept shall understand life and the conditions of their own welfare. the Nicean Creed was a hoax and will always be a hoax…..

  4. shakira lady gaga Draconians are the crown of the dragon, in Barcelona Catalonia is home to the Draconians, they hate the sosiatas draconistarum Illuminat

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