4 comments on “The History of The Illuminati

  1. Grace, wow, your analyses are amazing, how you connect all the dots. Thank you for educating us more and more with your work. I am an economist, I studied Economics, but I wanted always to help the world, I even went into banking right out of college, only to leave the industry after being desillusioned with their “ethics”, ….. 15 years later I read your analysis, and I finally understand why Economics always bothered me, which is the same reason why this whole society bothers me

    • I’m glad we’re finally “seeing” the real picture of how things are really run in the world. The only way to change anything is to be aware of the truth and then in unity , change it. These “people” only have the power we GIVE them. It’s something we don’t realize because they try really hard to blind us to that. It’s so encouraging to see more and more people connecting the dots…

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