One comment on “Illuminati Planning Another Financial Crash?

  1. Dear Grace,
    Very interesting, I don’t want to belive in the Illuminati, free masons, grand overlords. I think its all BS

    But everyday I see stuff that only contributes to it.

    Why don’t they teach Financial Planning to HS students=
    Beacuse the MAN dosent want people who know how to use money, they want people to stay in debt.

    Big Pharmacudical is EVIL, they string along treatments without actually curing anything, and purposfully make people sick to get out the treatment.

    Pot is Illegial beacuse it has WAY to many uses and is WAY to easy and cheap to make yourself. (Im for legalization, but I HATE pot heads)

    Voting is Rigged. (Hillary will be the next president god help us all)

    Fox News rigs polls (Hmmm.. Ron Paul wins every debate by a landslide, DISPITE the fact that the phones and net polls are spam proof, but if Rudy Guilliani ever won a debate they wouldnt say ANYTHING)

    Education is purpsofully held back and made inferiour to keep america dum. (I know I’m a horrible speller)

    So, what is the vilidity to these claims, and if there is a logical explination PLEASE tell me, I don’t want to agree with conspriacy Nut jobs.
    All the Best

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