3 comments on “Lady Gaga Collaborators Continue to Die

  1. Been thinking this for the past several weeks. Thought it was odd last year when McQueen died after collaborating with her, but when Clemens died I definitely wanted to see if anyone else had talked about it. Interesting that this was written the day before Amy Winehouse died on the 23rd. I was watching videos on Gaga’s Vevo account of her performance in Sydney from July 13, and she eerily looked like Winehouse.

  2. Wow! Your work is amazing, so organized & detailed! I love it! I’m starting a blog about symbolism as well, but my focus will simply be on pointing out the noticeable & in some cases not so noticeable trends that we see so often in the media. It’d be awesome if I could link people back to your site for historicity & clarity; let me know if that’s a go.

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