One comment on “David Icke EXPOSES Illuminati Music Industry

  1. G’Day! Grace,
    This might be off topic, however, I just read a book of David Icke. But the question that keeps coming up in my head is: Why is Icke still alive (as harsh as it sounds) after saying all these things about shapeshifting reptilians, naming powerful people, etc.? Why can he still publish books and videos after so many years? Sometimes I wonder if I can believe this guy. His research does make sense many times (for example when he talks about the dangers of TETRA and other forms of radiation, artificial ingredients in food, etc.). But I wonder why, if he exposes so many horrifying things (child abuse, drug dealing, etc.) about Clinton, Father Bush, etc. (which would put any normal person in jail, but not these former presidents), why is he allowed to do that by the Illuminati? Is he just one of them trying to confuse people even more or telling them only half the truth? Or is he really an honest guy who just did a lot of research and is now exposing these facts that many people don’t know about?
    Nice One!

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