3 comments on “ILLUMINATI a myth ?

  1. G’Day! Grace,
    This question may be a little off-topic, I keep hearing about the Illuminati Insiders,Trilateral Commission, etc. etc. as being the powers who work in the background and are above the President. I never see names. Who are these supposed powerful people, I want to see names. Is this a myth or do they exist.
    I look forward to your next post

  2. Hi Grace,
    Very interesting, Hello,
    Looking for some reliable sources that would be useful in countering the Illuminati/NWO/FreeMason conspiracies, or at least the more radical ones. Or also, solid sources that reveal some of the darker origins of these conspiracies such as anti-semitism and religious fanaticism.

    Wanting to do a lesson on evaluating evidence, and this seems to be quite the hot topic right now.
    All the Best

  3. Ive done quite a bit of research and found out the illuminati was around in the 1800’s as a scientific group hiding from the church because of the fact they wouldnt acept their ideas da vinci and galileo were apart of it but when the church started to acept these ideas the group ended i believe the modern illuminati is a myth and those who do believe it real look up the original illuminati from the 1800’s

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