9 comments on ““THRIVE” MOVIE: DON’T FALL FOR IT!

  1. your religious mind has taken you over. you need to open up and pay very close attention to how you are feeling when you make statements like that. I guarantee you don’t feel good, that’s because you are off. drop all of these symbols you focus so much on and pay attention to the message. anyways, that mentality don’t stand a chance, time is quickly approaching when it all will be as clear as a crystal to EVERYONE.

  2. The world is awakening to “something”, we all know it. Is a matter of time because we “do not chew what we are being fed” anymore. The people are tired of the lies, conspirancies and are no longer believing in the system and lack of leadership. There is a revolution sneaking up on us and we will see the unfolding of the secrets that can no longer be kept. For the first time in our lifetime Americans will take to the streets reclaiming their rights!!

  3. I was already awakened and can only remark: Foster made a terrific documentary in a chronological order. When you have seen this documentary you will start digging for the truth.
    Although Foster is a heir of Foster & Gamble it doesn’t say that he agrees with their actions.

    Grace it’s time to awaken yourself!

  4. Idiots, intelligent humans definitly change their minds, or they’re puppets of their parents, can zebras change their stripes, that’s typical of the way we are controlled by stupid statements like that, which seem to say something, but in fact mean nothing, yes real humans do change their stripes, idiot!!!

  5. I watched the movie and the first part about aliens and stuff is not really mi cup of tea, but the rest of the movie is really great,and it helped me to put some things in to perspective. As for illuminati influence in this movie, only thing that could in my opinion be linked to some kind of imasonic agenda is the story about sun gods, i can imagine that most people looking from religious point of view would find it offencive!
    What made sence to me long before watching the movie or having any kind of information about it is that illuminati financed WW2.If you think about the way communist countries were developing in that time it was a logical move from them. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.– David Rockefeller
    I find this quote also interesting!

  6. I watched this movie, it’s alright but it’s pretty basic. Do you believe this is some kind of disinformation? I could see that since it has such big names behind it, but if you could elaborate more on that I’d be interested. I wrote up a little review about Thrive on my blog if you wanna check it out instead of paying to see the movie. Maybe it’s got something interesting for you, maybe not. The movie was decent in its free energy discussion, but overall it seemed very “mainstream” and didn’t really present a whole lot of new material.

  7. I’ve trying to find some real meaning to life for more that 15 years.
    The movie in my opinion is in right track.
    Ones we are spirituality connected we should work on a better
    The big guys won.t realize. We have to make the change.
    If we find a good project to work on I’m sure people can support each other
    We can make the development of a project our life.
    Creativity will make people very happy.

  8. My best sense after considering the movie and the comments from this page claiming its a con, is that the movie is alligned with good energy, energy that seeks harmony and seeks to bring awarness. The claims from this site about it being a con and so forth, dont feel alligned with quality energy at all. They just feel chaotic, frenzy, angry, fanatical.
    good luck every body

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